I write. I draw. I drink too much coffee.

Part of my journey

Bipolar Disorder

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My first attempt at college did not go well. The second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth time went even worse. In a desperate final attempt, I boarded a plane to England, trod where Robin Hood trod, got mugged, loved long distance, and learned the meaning of a last call. …

Living Life

I have not written for myself or you since July. Life finds a way…to get in the way.

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Where I’ve Been:

For a few months, I have been too busy to write…well, that is what I’m telling myself as I ignore the computer sitting just a few feet away from me. I took on a full-time job, my first in years. It was overwhelming at first, but I think I have…


Don’t stop worrying; intentionally devote time to worrying.

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I know what you are thinking. It sounds counter-intuitive?! Surely this cannot be helpful, but it can if it is done correctly.


  • Schedule 15 minutes of Worry Time every day.
  • Start by saying, “This time is for my worries, and I will not give attention to these worries outside of…

In unprecedented times, your story may be more important than ever before.

When we look back on our lives, we’re going to have a story to tell. Like those that have lived through the Great Depression, we can say we’ve experienced an unprecedented time that could forever change the way we live our lives. If you want to remember this time, the…

Ash Dowdy, PhD

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